SJC Live

You can access SJC Live from anywhere in the world, any time you want. You can browse or search through what is available below.

"Welcome to SJC Live, our web archive. These tracks are all taken from live services, complete with their imperfections! I hope that this resource may encourage conductors in schools and churches to explore some new repertoire with their choirs. Many choirmasters get sent large quantities of sheet music from publishers, but sometimes it can be helpful to hear actual performances. We have not included the 95 tracks of music on our recent Chandos recordings. As for the Psalms - the words are timeless in their beauty and their range of emotions. They show a sense of empathy with the hopes and fears of people of all generations, including our own. I hope this small selection can offer some joy and comfort to the listener. Our plan is to add more tracks to SJC Live every few months."

Andrew Nethsingha
Director of Music