Poulenc F - Timor et tremor

Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)


Timor et tremor
Recorded on
1 March 2015


Timor et tremor venerunt super me et caligo cecidit super me.
Miserere mei, Domine, miserere; quoniam in te confidit anima
mea. Exaudi, Deus, deprecationem meam, quia refugium meum
es tu et adiutor fortis. Domine, invocavi te, non confundar.


Fear and trembling have come upon me and darkness has fallen
upon me. Have pity on me, Lord, have pity; because in thee my
soul trusts. Hear, O God, my prayer, because thou art my refuge
and my strong helper. Lord, I have called on thee, I will not
be confounded.


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