Byrd W - Tribulationes civitatum

William Byrd (1540-1623)


Recorded on
1 July 2011


Tribulationes civitatum audivimus quas passae sunt, et defecimus.
Domine, ad te sunt oculi nostri, ne pereamus.
Timor et hebitudo mentis cecidit super nos et super liberos nostros.
Ipsi montes nolunt recipere fugam nostram.
Domine, miserere.
Nos enim pro peccatis nostris haec patimur.
Aperi oculos tuos, Domine, et vide afflictionem nostram.

Words responsorial based on the book of Judith Music William Byrd
in its Vetus Latina


We have heard of the tribulations of the peoples,
which they have suffered, and our hearts fail.
O Lord, our eyes are fixed on thee, let us not perish.
Fear and despair of mind have come down upon us and upon our children.
The very mountains refuse to receive us as refugees.
O Lord, have mercy.
For we suffer these things because of our sins.
Open thine eyes, Lord, and see our affliction.


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