Gibbons O - O Thou the central orb

Orlando Gibbons (bap.1583-1625)


Recorded on
16 November 2008


O thou, the central orb of righteous love,
pure beam of the most high,
eternal light of this our bleak world,
where thy radiance bright awakes new joy in faith,
hope soars above.

Come, quickly come, and let thy glory shine,
gilding our darksome heaven with rays divine.

Thy saints with holy lustre round thee move,
as stars about thy throne, set in the height
of God’s ordaining counsel, as thy sight
gives measured grace to each, thy power to prove.

Let thy bright beams disperse the gloom of our sin,
our nature all shall feel eternal day,
in fellowship with thee,
transforming clay to souls erewhile unclean,
now pure within, now pure within. Amen.

Words Henry Ramsden Bramley


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Recorded on
23 February 2020



  • Responses: Tomkins (Peterhouse)
  • Psalm 109 (omit vv. 5-19) (Barnby, Hylton Stewart)
  • Stanford in B flat
  • MacMillan: O give thanks unto the Lord
  • Hymns 341, 461 (tune: Corvedale)
  • Preacher: Professor Deborah Howard - Professors Professing: The Human search for God - Architecture
  • Voluntary: Allegro Maestoso (Sonata in G) - Elgar

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