Memorial Service of Professor Andrew Wyllie

Recorded on
Saturday, 4 February 2023

This service paid tribute to Professor Andrew David Hamilton Wyllie, Professor of Pathology and a Fellow of St John's from 1998-2022.

'Andrew himself said, "Science is a little bit like potholing; you see a hole, and you go through it. It may be a blind hole, or it may open into a great cavern with glittering stalactites." Amid his success, he remained unchanged. He could not help betraying boyish excitement where it was more usual to affect coolness. He said "Life is not a success or failure judged on the results of your work, but rather on who you have been and what you are. To be the best scientist in the world, but at cost of being a lesser person, is not a goal to strive for."'
-Professor Christine Watson & The Wyllie Family





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