We were the first Choir of our kind to broadcast weekly webcasts of our services. Find our most recent live recordings here.

Recorded on
2 February 2020

Responses and Preces: Clucas 
Psalm 122 (Atkins)
Antiphon: Hodie beata Virgo Maria
Kelly in C
Pott: There is no rose
Hymns 393, 360
Preacher: The Vice-Master, Professor Tim Whitmarsh Professors Professing: The Human search for God – Classics
Voluntary: J.S. Bach Toccata in F major (BWV 540i)

Recorded on
25 January 2020

This service paid tribute to and celebrated the life and work of Professor Sir Christopher Martin Dobson, who was Master of St John's from 2007-2019.

Recorded on
19 January 2020

This candlelit service of readings and music celebrates the season of Epiphany.

Recorded on
1 December 2019

This week's webcast is our own recording of the Advent Carol Service, broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 on 1 December 2019.

The service includes a selection of readings, prayers and music for the season of Advent.

Recorded on
2 November 2019

This week's webcast is taken from a Eucharist commemorating All Souls departed.

Recorded on
10 November 2019

This week's webcast is the Eucharist held in memory of the fallen of both World Wars and all subsequent conflicts. The Choir sings Duruflé's masterful and moving setting of the Requiem featuring the treatment and weaving-in of traditional plainsong themes amongst his characteristic harmony.

Recorded on
9 October 2019

Responses and Preces: Rose
Psalm 46 (tone v)
Lassus: Magnificat tertii toni
Nunc Dimittis tertii toni
Boyce: The Lord is King

Recorded on
20 October 2019


Responses and Preces: Radcliffe
Psalm 102 vv. 1–16 (Macpherson, Wesley)
Murrill in E
Purcell: Rejoice in the Lord alway
Hymns (NEH): 359 (tune 322), 265
Preacher: The Rev’d Canon Leanne Roberts, Canon Treasurer, Southwark Cathedral 
                     Not in Polite Society – Class
Voluntary: Pott  Laudes

Recorded on
12 July 2019


Introit: Howells A Hymn for St Cecilia
Responses and Preces: Radcliffe
Psalm 139 vv. 1–18, 23–24 (Skeats)
Stanford in C
Tavener: The Lord’s Prayer
Parry: Hear my words, ye people
Hymn 408(i)
Voluntary: Parry Fantasia and Fugue in G

Recorded on
18 May 2019


Responses and Preces: Radcliffe
Psalm 90 (Hylton Stewart, Thalben-Ball)
Walton: Chichester Service
Tavener: The Lord’s Prayer
Bernstein: Chichester Psalms
Hymn 112 
Voluntary: Widor  Finale (Symphony Romane)


Recorded on
23 May 2019


Responses and Preces: Radcliffe
Psalms 110 (Lloyd), 111 (Smart)
Bevan: Magnificat octavi toni
Nunc Dimittis octavi toni
Tavener: The Lord’s Prayer
Boulanger: Lux aeterna
Hymn 486

Recorded on
26 May 2019


Introit: Byrd  Gloria Tibi Domine
Tye: Missa Euge Bone
Gradual: Psalm 68 vv. 1–10 (tone v)
Preacher: The Chaplain 
Credo: VI
Hymns 239, 494 (tune 413)
Voluntary: Tomkins A Substantial Verse

Recorded on
2 June 2019


Britten: Missa Brevis
Gradual: Psalm 97 (Martin)
Preacher: The Chaplain 
Credo: VII
Hymns 134, 128
Voluntary: Prelude in E minor BWV 548

Recorded on
5 June 2019


Responses and Preces: Rose
Psalm 28 (tone iv)
Moore (First Service)
Anna Semple: Footsteps in the Sand

Recorded on
6 July 2019


Responses and Preces: Rose
Psalm 32 (Rogers)
Murrill in E
Nunn: Sitivit anima mea  
Hymn 368
Voluntary: Vierne Final (Symphonie III)

Recorded on
9 June 2019


Introit: Palestrina Dum complerentur
Dove: Missa Brevis
Gradual: Psalm 104 vv. 24–34, 35b (tone iii)
Preacher: Sion Hughes Carew, Ordinand, Westcott House
Credo: I
Hymns 137, 367
Voluntary: Duruflé Choral Varié sur le thème du ‘Veni Creator’

Recorded on
7 July 2019


Introit: Gibbons This is the record of John
Poulenc: Mass in G
Gradual: Psalm 66 vv. 1–8 (tone i)
Preacher: The Dean
Credo: IV
Hymns 391, 336 (omit v. 2)
Voluntary: J.S. Bach Prelude in E flat major (BWV 552i)

Recorded on
3 July 2019
  • Responses and Preces: Rose
  • Psalm 18 vv. 20–27 (tone i)
  • Cruft (Collegium Regale)
  • Biebl: Ave Maria
Recorded on
30 June 2019
  • Responses and Preces: Leighton
  • Psalm 148 (Robinson)
  • Fayrfax: Magnificat Regale
  • Nunc Dimittis primi toni
  • Weir: Vertue
  • Hymns 383 (omit v. 3), 401 (omit v. 3)
  • Voluntary: J.S. Bach Fugue in E flat major (BWV 552ii)​
Recorded on
2 May 2018

This service from the Easter Term of 2018 was broadcast live on BBC Radio 3. Music includes Herbert Howells Gloucester Service and John Taverner Dum Transisset Sabbatum

Recorded on
16 June 2019


  • Responses and Preces: Lloyd (Set 2)
  • Psalms 93 (J. Robinson), 150 (Talbot)
  • Antiphon: Benedictus es
  • Stanford in G
  • Rachmaninoff: Hymn of the Cherubim
  • Hymns 343, 466
  • Preacher: The Rev’d Dr Carys Walsh, Curate Training Officer, Diocese of Peterborough, R.S. Thomas
  • Voluntary: Stanford  Fantasia and Toccata in D minor



Recorded on
9 June 2019


  • Responses and Preces: Shephard
  • Psalm 48 (Goss)
  • Antiphon: Non vos relinquam
  • Howells (Collegium Regale)
  • Harvey: Come, Holy Ghost
  • Hymns 140, 408(i)
  • Preacher: The Rev’d Dr Paul Edmondson, Head of Research and Knowledge, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust William Shakespeare
  • Voluntary: J.S. Bach Komm, Heiliger Geist (BWV 651)



Recorded on
30 May 2019
  • Introit: Marenzio O Rex Gloriae
  • Responses and Preces: Rose
  • Psalm 47 (tone vii)
  • Antiphon: Pater, manifestavi nomen tuum
  • Sumsion in G
  • Boyce: The Lord is King


Recorded on
25 May 2019
  • Responses and Preces: Rose
  • Psalm 119 vv. 153–176 (Garrett, Goss, Walmisley)
  • Anderson (St John’s Service)
  • Anderson: My beloved spake
  • Hymn 393
  • Voluntary  Buxtehude Praeludium in E BuxWV 141 


Recorded on
19 May 2019


  • Responses and Preces: Radcliffe
  • Psalm 99 (Whitlock)
  • Berkeley (Chichester Service)
  • Finnissy: Dum transisset Sabbatum
  • Hymns 394, 117
  • Preacher: The Dean
  • Voluntary: J. S. Bach  Fugue in E minor (BWV 548ii)


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